In year 2005, the Karuizawa Ohga Hall has opened in Karuizawa.

The ‘Karuizawa Choral Festival’ has started since that August, and from 2013, has changed the name to ‘Karuizawa International Choral Festival (KICF)’.
Thanks to all your support, we have managed to keep this festival going, and have celebrated the 10th anniversary on 2014.

We believe that by inviting many choirs and lecturers from around the world, this festival has been able to serve as a source for many choristers to gather, learn, enjoy and deepen their music.

This year, we also sincerely hope that joining this festival would be a meaningful experience to you and to all that love choral music.
We are heartly looking forward to your participation in this year’s KICF.


Executive Committee,
Karuizawa International Choral Festival